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The Other Wes Moore - One Name, Two Fates (half memoir)

I really haven't kept up here - but no time like the present, I guess.

I found this on my phone and remembered that I never posted about this book. I can't remember if this one came from a Brooklyn stoop free pile or the Goodwill but it was one of the two.

From wikipedia, a summary:

The Other Wes Moore is the story of two young Baltimore boys that share the same name and a similar history, but travel down very different paths. While both grew up fatherless with troubled pasts, one became a Rhodes scholar and leader, and the other was convicted of murder and is currently serving a life sentence. Wes Moore sets out to answer what made the difference through telling the story of young men trying to find their way in a seemingly broken world. The Other Wes Moore has been on both The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller list.
Hearing both parallel stories is interesting. I didn't find the writing to be engaging. And there wasn't much in the way of reflection or …

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